Tule Fog EP

by Indian Taker

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Guitar: Celso Carrasco
Bass Guitar: Evan Santa Elena
Drums: Nick Diamante
Vocals: NickDiamante, Evan Santa Elena

Re-release Aug 14, 2012
QYP032 - Quote Your Pulse Records


released February 11, 2012

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Ben Hirschfield at Panda Studios in Fremont, California.



all rights reserved


Indian Taker California

Indian taker is ruining my life.

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Track Name: Bound With Time
If I could ask her a single thing. It would be, “How do you make me feel so pure, like I am seen?” Her heart stretched as far as one could see, Hard to pass her up, it was me.
Mild spring days, is what we were, Mustn’t we forget, he was what you preferred. Your love for him would never break. No matter how hard you tried to run away.
As hard as I tried I could never break, Her love for him, it was bound with time. The waiting game, I was losing, don’t you see? Your love for him, it was bound with time.
Was it fun holding close to what you felt was home? With a season’s change you’d lost all you had known. Was it fun holding close to what you felt was home? With a season’s change I no longer felt alone.
The weather always tells the truth, April knows much more than me and you.
Track Name: Brave Bird
Long ago I was told you can’t hold on to joy and grow old. Where were you when I walked home alone? Don’t wonder why I have not been able to smile or grin from ear to ear. I have not been happy in years.
It’s a feeling that dies in the summer and haunts me in the winter. I still have not conquered my fears.
Don’t wonder why I traded care for fear, It’s a feeling I blame on the past, one that left tangles in my hair. Take life for granted and watch it glide by. Mine passed me by and left me with both my hands tied.
It’s true when they say I’m lying to myself, I’m flipping through pages looking for help.
Skies will transform, I cannot say I’m content. You say I’ve changed, well I have not found myself yet.
Track Name: Owl Eyes
In the end I was hoping for disaster, with our anchors crossed our ships sank faster.
The queen of deception, or a victim of misconception. I took time to figure things out, but my heart is a shadow of self doubt. I still blame myself.
You said I had a way with words, but did you know that they would force you into an ocean of girls? Ones who followed each other’s lies when they said, “the sky would open up if you just held up your head.” I moved on to better things.
We moved on to better things. You have way too much time on your hands, while you had time to waste I had lies to face.
I’m done blaming the past for my mistakes, but promises are just lies that you say. Some things are better left unsaid.
Track Name: Sleep Spindles
I used to fall asleep, but now I just sit still.
If you ask me why I will tell you,
“Well, after years of this weight, childhood faded away. I’m sorry for the way that I act, I hate myself more everyday”.
Track Name: If the Family Tree Falls and No One's Around, Does it Make a Sound?
Learn to cope because no one will ever see. I made a bed in the past and I can never leave.
I shed weight but I can’t shed nights spent alone, nights you spent getting drunk while I cried at ‘home’.
Well I got a call from mom, she says she’s proud of the man I’m becoming, but she doesn’t know that i’ll never be a man because I live in the past. I havn’t forgotten like she has.
I miss the way things used to be, I miss the way things were.
Before my Mother, she laid wasted on the kitchen floor, my father who stayed in california to forget a broken home. My brother whose older, but none the wiser that we were fucking wrecked. I only had myself, a boy that felt death his was best.
Track Name: Hope Chest
I thought I heard you whispering last night, but you said all was fine. With my reflection in your eyes you said all of this would heal in due time.